Thursday, July 2, 2009

And go...

So i'm already behind on this America trip blog thing...being that it started Wednesday. Whatever, i'm way too busy being on vacation...

So...Day one down at the beach in Cape May. We stay here till Monday so hopefully i'll be able to get rid of this pasty skin i'm walking around with. Had an awesome breakfast at McGlade's. Omelette with lump crab, asparagus, goat cheese, and tomatoes...delicious.

Didn't make it to the beach on Wednesday due to the weather playing games. It rained so hard they closed the beach while we were eating breakfast. By the time the weather got nice enough to go to the beach, we were knee deep in some couch sitting/movie watching. Made a nice dinner since it's probably one of the last times we will be able to cook all summer. Veggie sandwiches with roasted zucchini, yellow squash, tomato, red pepper, and red onion. Layer the veggies on a toasted everything bagel with melted mozzarella cheese and some hummus. Fantastic.

Day two...beautiful day for the beach. Had a light breakfast before heading out. Time to get some color on this body of mine. The water was the perfect temperature. Spent a few hours in and out of the ocean before leaving due to hunger. Got some more fun gadgets for our trip before heading back to the house. Made repeat dinner with leftovers before heading out to see some fireworks. The house is a half block from the bay which is where the fireworks are shot off from. We got to see the tail end of the sunset before the fireworks. I might remember to take some pictures one of these days. Or i might leave that to Nic and steal them from him...either way, the journey will be documented.

Day three...another beautiful day in Cape May. Nic's family got down today, i got to meet his sister Jenn and her husband Alex. We spent the morning talking and drinking tons of coffee. We got ready for the beach and headed down. A few hours, some awful food, a lost beach tag, and some sunburn resulted in our beach departure. Shrimp tacos for dinner with sangria. Headed out for a few drinks at the local bar Harpoon Henry's.

Great start to an epic adventure.


  1. We were at The Shore, too! Further north where it's dry.

  2. I don't know about epic, but it certainly sounds relaxing!

    I didn't post at all during my trip to Israel. Vacation/adventuring and computers just don't mix for me.

  3. i would probably call it epic.