Thursday, August 20, 2009

In trying to create posts about the goings on of the trip i thought it would be helpful to start with a list of all the places we saw. This will probably help me stay motivated and not give up due to being overwhelmed. Well probably...whatever, here goes...

Cape May, NJ
Baltimore, Md
Smoky Mountains, TN
Nashville, TN
New Orleans, LA
Austin, TX
El Paso, TX
Santa Fe, NM
Flagstaff, AZ
Grand Canyon
Canyon De Chelly
Monument Valley
Dana Point, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Big Sur
Point Lobos
Oakland, CA
San Francisco, CA
Muir Woods
Eel River
Clam Beach
Redwoods National Forest
Eugene, OR
Portland, OR
Seattle, WA

followed by 4 days of 10-13 hour drives to get the eff home which included sleeping in...

Butte, Montana
Sioux Falls, SD
Elkhart, IN
and then finally arriving on August 14 in Chesterfield, NJ to sleep in a real (clean) bed at my moms house before heading back to Cape May, NJ.
Super weird arriving back at the place it all started in.

Really only one word to describe everything i've seen and experienced during a month and a half of seeing America...Epic.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm back.

So i was a big fat liar when i said i would update this thing throughout the summer to keep you all posted on the goings on of the journey. Now here i am sitting back on the east coast without a single blog update. The new plan is to periodically whenever i feel inspired, try and recreate the trip from memory. I am kind of excited about this new plan because it's a great way for me to relive the amazing experience of a summer in America.